Tictag: Benefits Explained

When starting an AI, Machine Learning, Data Science or even Computer Vision Project, all a team wants is to be able to design and build a highly accurate, completely efficient and fool-proof working model at an affordable cost.

As AI teams reach the “Discussion Stage” of their projects, they would come to realise that the efficiency and cost of that ‘working model’ is largely dependent on the training data used – and thus begins the extensive search for a qualified data annotator or an efficient data annotation service/tool. However, what teams often end up finding is that ACCURACY and COST lie on opposite ends of the spectrum.

But with Tictag, AI teams don’t have to worry about that. Not only does Tictag offer a highly accurate trained dataset at the best price possible, but we also give you many more reasons and to stick around.

In Tictag, teams find a Data Annotation Partner for Life.

Why Tictag?

1. Accuracy

We ensure the highest degree of quality when it comes to the data labelling process.

Through the Tictag True Tag option, our clients can benefit from a multiple pass system and are guaranteed a minimum of 99.5% accuracy. Leave the Quality Control to us, we take care of everything.

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2. Better Pricing

We are resource efficient, so we can pass our cost-savings on to you.

We optimise the use of our resources to make sure that we can provide you with the highest quality training for your dataset at an affordable price. We give you a customised price quote for each new project introduced.

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3. Speed

Our ever-expanding global community of TAGGERS is always ready to take on any new incoming tasks. Their skills and speed, coupled with our community management techniques, allow Tictag to complete and deliver projects within a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken.  

Who are ‘Taggers’?

Taggers are our community of crowdsourced data annotators that tag and annotate data on the go, using our gamified mobile data annotation app.

4. Domain Expertise

Take advantage of our crowd’s domain expertise for your more technical use cases.

Our crowd consists of ‘Taggers’ from all walks of life: from university graduates, professionals and subject matter experts, to the elderly community and even the specially-abled.

Name the demographic that you need for your project, and we’ll have it.

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5. Strong Customer Support

We will be with you every step of the way on your data annotation journey – we understand how important the small details are!

Tictag’s founding team members are professionals from the AI industry themselves. They too have walked the same path as you, and hence have built Tictag to take away all the pains that AI and machine learning teams have to bear when going through the data annotation process.

6. Security

No Compromises. We encrypt all data as your privacy is important to us.

Tictag puts multiple strategies in place including data masking, encryption, and jigsaw distribution to make sure that your data is as secure as possible.

Besides these strategies, we also have multiple other elements in place based on every level of security that your data requires.

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We make sure to have you covered in every aspect of your data annotation journey. Let us worry about your data, while you work on perfecting your model.

Read more about Tictag or contact us to discuss your upcoming AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision or Data Science project. We will be sure to find the perfect data annotation solution for you!