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Turn your spare time into rewards. Complete simple tasks on the Tictag app to earn coins and exchange those coins for exciting rewards!

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What is Tagging?

Tagging is the process of labelling or categorising data to create training datasets by completing fun and simple tasks on the Tictag app.

Smart Machines and AI Systems need relevant data to understand and learn. Their final output is completely dependent on the data we feed them.

Who Can Be A Tagger?

Tasks on the Tictag app are designed to be fun and easy to complete, so anyone with a mobile device can become a Tagger and earn great rewards.

Tagger Community

Join our diverse community of Taggers and become part of the Tagger Community. Participate in exciting community events and challenges.

General Taggers

General Taggers make up the majority of the Tictag community and come from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. Taggers complete the various different tasks on the app and earn great rewards in return.

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Super Taggers

Supertaggers within the Tictag community are highly skilled, tackling challenging tasks with expertise. Their dedication enhances complex projects. Working closely with Tictag and regular Taggers, they boost our service quality and community excellence.

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Social Impact Taggers

Social Impact Taggers join the Tictag community through social organizations partnered with Tictag. Beneficiaries from partner organizations are personally trained by Tictag staff on data annotation, and are provided support throughout their tagging journey.

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Contribute to AI

Tictag has worked with many industry-leading companies on data-driven artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. Explore how our expertise has helped our clients achieve success.