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Image Transcription

Character Recognition

Object Tracking

Key Point Annotation

Image Segmentation

Audio Labelling



Sentiment Analysis

Relevance Analysis


Sentiment Analysis

Relevance Analysis


Name Entity Recognition

Image Transcription

Bounding Box

Attribute Tagging

Image Transcription


Image Labelling

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The data sample is tagged/collected according to your needs and requirements and returned to you after internal QC. 

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We Believe In People

We drive social impact through our mobile app

We want people who need it the most to have access to a supplementary source of income through the gamified micro-jobs on Tictag.
Our Sustainability Team works tirelessly to onboard low-income seniors, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), and Persons with Autism onto the Tictag app through our outreach program.

Our Story

The Tictag founding team have themselves worked on countless AI projects. Data preparation is the most painful part of machine learning and analytics, and we wanted to make it better for everyone.

Tictag's co-founders with the Minister of State at SWITCH 2021

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