Data Annotation

Tictag offers comprehensive, Asia-focused data annotation solutions tailored to diverse use cases, allowing you to conquer intricate data annotation challenges with ease. 

Image Annotation

Whether you're training a state-of-the-art computer vision model or just want your search database classified, Tictag does it all.

Bounding Box
Four-sided polygons for image detection
Image Classification
Classification of images by category
Polygonal Bounding
Bounding polygons for semantic segmentation or when you need more than four sides
Attribute Tagging
Adding attributes to an image, or specific parts of one

Audio Annotation

Sometimes you just need a listening ear. Tictag handles audio like nothing else on mobile, no compromises on data quality.

Audio Transcription
Conversion of audio into text, along with timestamps,
in the format you need
Sound Classification
Classification of sounds heard by category
Transcription Cleansing
Correction of machine-transcribed or human-transcribed audio-text
Audio Translation
Like transcription, but for translating into key Asian languages suitable for multi-cultural Asian contexts. Inquire for a list.

Text Annotation

Natural Language Processing models are either impressive or frustrating. Let us make yours perfect with Tictag text annotation.

Entity Extraction
Named entities relentlessly identified according to category
Utterance Generation
Producing new ways of saying things to train chatbots and conversational AI
Intent Recognition
Interpreting and classifying user statements with a focus on Asian contexts and nuances.
Sentiment Analysis
Positive? Negative? Happy? Sad? We tag it

Video Annotation

Video killed the radio star, but it doesn't have to be the end of you too. Tictag handles video annotation just as well as images.

Object Detection
Finding and classifying objects within video footage, frame by frame
Bounding Polygons
When you need to box or segment something
Video Classification
Classification of footage according to set categories
Transcribing conversations to real-time video subtitles

Why We're Loved

When it comes to data preparation, we combine the best of the Tictag platform with the best expertise.

High Efficiency

Combining speed and accuracy to deliver high-quality datasets on demand.

Quality Assurance

Reliable quality control systems to achieve an average 99.97% accuracy across datasets.


Robust security measures keep your data safe and secure so that you can move forward with confidence.

Asian Specific

Our community of asian taggers are well-versed in capturing Asian specific nuances in data annotation.

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