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Adding Human Intelligence To Data

Choose one of our innovative solutions and never worry about your data again!

How do we annotate and collect data?

  • We understand your use case and unique requirements

  • Convert your large dataset into bite-sized tasks on the TICTAG APP 

  • And, get your data tagged on the go via our Tictag App!

Get your data tagged on the go! 

Get your data tagged by our Crowd

Our APP users are:​

  • In-House Expert Data Annotator

  • Part of a global community 

  • Of ages 18 and above 

  • Domain experts

  • Representing a variety of lifestyles 

  • From the vulnerable demographics in our communities: Elderly, Low-Income Workers, PWDs, 

Choose the right solution for you!

In-House Tagging

Expert annotation by Tictag’s    

in-house tagging team

Outsource your data needs to us

Data validation with high level

of accuracy

Tictag Application

Crowdsourced annotation
via the Tictag application

Crowdsourced tagging via our app

by our global community

Scalable and cost effective

Quality assurance with validation process overseen by the Tictag team

Outsource your annotation

needs to our in-house experts


Combines the best of
both worlds

Flexibility to choose which datasets you’d like tagged in-house and through our app

High flexibility

Great for projects with varied

sensitivity of data

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