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Earn rewards and incentives simply by Tagging data.

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Why Tag on the Tictag app?

Waiting for the bus? Or feeling bored on your commute?


Find out more about what you can redeem on the Tictag app.

Tictag allows you to turn your spare time into something valuable.  By Tagging on our app, you can earn coins which can be redeemed for various incentives and rewards!


Tagging & AI

What's Tagging? This is another word to describe annotation, or more specifically - Data Annotation.

For an A.I. model to work well, the data that it receives has to be of a high quality. For example, if an image of a cat is labelled as a muffin, the A.I. model will recognise cats as muffins! Hence, we need to tag datasets accurately to ensure that the A.I. system can read just as well as you and I do.

Tagging makes up 80% of the effort in building A.I. or machine learning models.

This forces data science teams to spend a lot more time curating their datasets, which could be better spent optimising their models and algorithms. 

That’s where our taggers (you) come in! 

Taggers are the heart of Tictag. Our community of taggers help to label data, preparing it to be used by data science teams everywhere! 

Here at Tictag, we're making the data labelling process fun and rewarding for everyone!

How to Tictag


Request For Tasks

With various types of tagging tasks available, you can choose what works best for you to earn those coins! Once the tasks are sent to you, you can then start tagging!

Tag Accurately

Accuracy is important! So, do remember to read the guidelines within each task. Once that's done, we'll be looking through it to make sure everything is in order!

Collect Coins

Depending on how accurately you complete your tasks, you will be awarded coins to collect!

Redeem Rewards

Once everything checks out, we'll be issuing you coins for you to redeem for something you want in our store!

Tag and Play

Examples of the type of micro-games available.

Relevance Tagging

Is the context of the sentence relevant? If you know the answer, tag it!

Download and play

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