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Data for AI and Machine Learning

Data Preparation has
never been easier.

Focus on the bigger picture.

Leave data collection and annotation to Tictag. 

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We’ve built a platform to solve your data labelling and preparation needs.


Human data labelling is still the gold standard for building A.I. and machine learning models, but how do you gather human annotation input at scale? 

Tictag allows data science and AI teams to leverage our crowdsourced community of Taggers to train and label their data, efficiently and scalably, while doing good.

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Tagging doesn't have to be tiresome.

Annotate your data with us.


Do less work, yield better results.

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Simply talk us through your requirements and provide the dataset which requires labelling.

We'll do the rest.

Human data labelling is still the gold standard for competent AI models. Our platform enables you to leverage the power of the crowd to label your datasets more effectively and efficiently. 

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Tictag is the best way for people and companies to interact with data.

Through our groundbreaking, crowd-sourced mobile application, we offer high-quality, labelled datasets for all businesses and industries.


 ​If you’re tired of going through endless amounts of data and want a solution, chat with us today!

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