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Tictag Secure

Got top-secret data? Can't have many eyes looking at it? 

Still want to find a way to fasten the preparation process?

Tictag Secure is the solution for you!

Data Annotation
Data  Collection

About the Product

The data that AI, Machine Learning or Data Science teams have collected can be sensitive and needs to be secured or protected. But, at the same time they are also looking for a simple way to collect/label the data quick, with high accuracy and with domain expertise. Tictag can solve this issue!

Tictag Secure

Tictag Secure allows your data to be prepared inhouse in top security by our expert data preparation team. 

Tictag's in-house data preparation team ensures that your data is in safe hands. 

Meet our team

International Team

Domain & Data annotation experts

Produce up to 100% accuracy data


Data Annotation

Our Experts can label your data accurately and easily!

No more spending hours trying to get it right!

Data  Collection

Got a specific project? Our experts can collect the exact data you need!

You don't have to suffer from irrelevant data!

High Quality Data

Use our DATA PREPARATION products to give your AI

the intelligence it needs to handle real audiences.

High Efficiency

The power of speed and accuracy put together

Domain Experts

We can filter data creators and annotaters according to your model's specific needs


Your data is safe with us.  Never worry about data preparation again

Save Time, Save Effort
Leave Data Preparation to Us!

Found a solution or use case that caught your eye?

Case Studies

Conversational AI

Intents and Utterance Generation

No more spending hours trying to generate utterances to train your chatbots!

Untitled design (37).png
Audio AI

Audio Transcription

You don't have to suffer from low-quality transcripts, limited vocabulary & accent bias!

image classification.png
Recommendation AI

Image Classification

99.97% Accuracy. Record Speed, Domain Expertise

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