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Tictag Crowd

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About the Product

AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Collection teams need RELEVANT, ACCURATE, and QUICK data to train their models.

Tictag Crowd

Tictag Crowd allows your data to be prepared by the power of the crowd. 

Tictag has access to a wide, international crowd that has been onboarded on to the Tictag App to support YOUR collection and labeling need



Data Annotation

Use the power of the crowd to label your data quick and accurately!

No more spending hours trying to get it right!

Data Collection

You don't have to suffer from irrelevant data!

Got a specific project? Our crowd can collect the exact data you need!


Need inputs from a large crowd?

We've got just the crowd for you!

High Quality Data

Use our DATA PREPARATION SOLUTIONS to give your AI the intelligence it needs to handle real audiences.

High Efficiency 

The power of speed and accuracy put together

International Crowd

Data is prepared by various demographics. Get access to the untouched SEA crowd

Domain Experts

We can filter data creators according to your model's specific needs


Your data is safe with us.  Never worry about data preparation again

Save Time, Save Effort
Leave Data Preparation to Us!

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Case Studies


Conversational AI

Intents and Utterance Generation

No more spending hours trying to generate utterances to train your chatbots!

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Audio AI

You don't have to suffer from low-quality transcripts, limited vocabulary & accent bias!

Audio Transcription

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Recommendation AI

Image Classification

99.97% Accuracy. Record Speed, Domain Expertise