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Conversational AI

High Quality Conversational Data

Conversational AI products are only as smart as the technology and data behind them. Tictag maximizes your dataset to give you model-ready data for any domain. 

The Tictag Data Platform gives your Conversational AI the intelligence it needs to handle real audiences.

High Efficiency 

The power of speed and accuracy put together

International Crowd

Get access to data generated from a variety of locations and demographics. Get access to the hard-to-reach SEA crowd.

Domain Experts

Filter data creators according to your model's specific needs. Engineers? Doctors? Architects? We got you. 


Your data is safe with us.  Never worry about data preparation again

Conversational AI only works when they understand what their users are asking them. For every intent, there are hundreds of ways, or utterances, to express it. We know how hard it is to generate more utterances, we’ve experienced it with conversational AIs ourselves.  

Tictag helps you get there and bridge the gap between human and machine understanding.


Our crowd can provide all the utterances you need to train a robust conversational AI that understands your audience, in a natural and human way. After all, our crowd is made up of real, regular people, giving your conversational AI high-quality real, natural training data.

Utterance Generation


Text/NLP Data Preparation

Entity Extraction

Selection of relevant entities 

Text and intent classification

Highlighting and categorization of entities

Utterance and Taxonomy Generation

Develop custom taxonomies and ontologies

Create relevant intents/utterances to train your model

Generate x10 the number of utterances in half the time using tech + human intelligence

Take advantage of our QC system to get compatible and consistent data with 99.5%+ accuracy

Labelling and Classification

Classification, Relevance and Sentiment Analysis

Freeform categories - tag with what you need.

Objective and subjective labelling with experts. 


Build taxonomies and ontologies relevant to your model and/or your platform

Search Result 

Rank search results and improve end user experience.

Text Annotation

Expand your NLP. Connect named entities or parts of speech within relationships


Audio AI


We can collect audio data based on your requirements. ​

Take advantage of our specialized SEA crowd!

Data Classification

Get data classified based on relevance and sentiment. 

Have other needs? Talk to us and we can provide a solution!

Audio/Text Transcription

Transcription of audio and text data in multiple languages. 

Time codes and time stamp generation


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